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CalypsoAI Labs is where leaders in highly regulated industries bring their hardest problems. Whether it is understanding the limitations of AI, the vulnerabilities of digital systems to physical attacks, or how AI capabilities augment national security operations, our clients call on us to get to the ground truth of what matters in AI.

Cutting edge applications

Research and Development

CalypsoAI Labs is our tailored applications and national security workshop. It’s where cutting edge R&D meets operational effectiveness. The Lab is where we experiment with machine learning research, custom configurations, and generate new breakthroughs in AI applications.

Calypso Labs

Challenges: Solved.

  • We are a trusted partner in identifying and solving the biggest AI risks our clients face.
  • We work with leading academic and national laboratories in addition to our elite team of machine learning researchers, hardware experts, and operational teams.
Research and Development

Keeping Our Clients at the Cutting Edge

From understanding how human traffickers are beating facial recognition systems, to setting foundational metrics for machine learning standards, CalypsoAI’s research & development efforts combine cutting-edge science with operational utility. We maintain active research partnerships with academic, research, and national security laboratories while also investing heavily into proprietary efforts.

We provide our clients with tailored applications that meet their operational requirements and AI uses. From on-site configurations to industry-specific quality assurance tests for new AI applications, we provide high quality capabilities that blend cutting edge science with operational needs. CalypsoAI Labs provides ongoing support for tailored products, including training and updates.

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