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CalypsoAI accelerates the adoption of Artificial Intelligence through rigorous validation. Our products ensure your AI is ready to be deployed safely and securely across business and society.

Evaluate Models

VESPR Validate

  • VESPR Validate is a turn-key solution for ensuring your AI models can achieve organisational goals securely in real-world conditions.

  • Evaluate internal or external AI models as part of a model risk management strategy. Ensure the performance, security and compliance of AI.

  • Includes industry-leading AI testing and auditable human-in-the-loop decision making.

  • Share model validation reports with business stakeholders in a language they can understand.

Real-world Testing

Evaluate each models resilience against the real-world conditions it is expected to perform in. Business users can set context for how a model is to be used in production. The system will stress test models in those conditions.

Security Testing

Test models against the latest adversarial attack methods to ensure only resilient models go to production.

Human in-the-Loop Interventions

Overlay business context on your AI metrics to facilitate collaboration between developers, validators, and business stakeholders. Track and audit all decisions made and the context they’re made in.

Jargon-free Dashboards

Share insights with stakeholders across your organization in a language they will understand. Enable informed decision making by leadership and mission owners.

Build Secure

CalypsoAI Toolkit

VESPR Validate is the first fully packaged product based on the CalypsoAI Toolkit. The toolkit is a secure development environment for machine learning. It can be used to build models, end-to-end, securely.
  • The toolkit provides advanced AI testing capabilities with a streamlined workflow to ensure that every machine learning algorithm put into production has been verified secure.

  • The toolkit provides unparalleled security and assurance to a variety of AI systems, from computer vision to natural language processing.

  • The CalypsoAI Toolkit process ensures testing, evaluation, verification, and validation (TEVV) throughout the secure machine learning lifecycle (SMLC), from the research and development phase through model deployment.

  • The end results are AI systems that provide accurate and comprehensive monitoring and reporting on model capabilities, vulnerabilities, and performance.

Outcomes Delivered

Ease of use

Streamlined workflow for Efficient AI/ML Model Validation.


Test results in context to allow more stakeholders to engage in informed discussions on AI initiatives.

Built to connect

Integrate testing into your model development environments using APIs and SDK.

Our products empower

Model Validators

Easily assess the real-world performance and risks associated with the proposed models.

Data Science Teams

Test performance, security and compliance targets through out development lifecycle.

Decision Makers

Make informed decisions without the need to be fluent in ML. Build confidence by visualising the impact of real-world conditions on proposed models.

All Stakeholders

Collaborate to make informed decisions using common logic and metrics.

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CalypsoAI accelerates the adoption of Artificial Intelligence by ensuring the security and reporting of Machine Learning models.

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