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Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of AI solutions through rigorous validation. By providing decision makers with confidence in the real-world performance and robustness of their AI solutions, we can move AI from the sidelines to a central role in empowering their mission.

Our Founder

“With AI, validation is trust. Through our software AI can be trusted to save lives, enhance the mission, and provide much needed benefits around the world. CalypsoAI is an accelerant to the future."

Neil Serebryany, CalypsoAI CEO
Our core values


We can only build a better world if we understand our tools. Therefore, ground truth assurance in our technologies is imperative. We must have justified confidence that the information we receive, understand, and act upon is an accurate representation of reality.

Our core values

Focus on Impact

We are mission-first and driven by the challenges our customers face. Powered by world-class Artificial Intelligence expertise and deep industry experience. Our team spans the public sector and enterprise where we have first-hand experience dealing with the world's most pressing challenges.

Our core values

Quality Assurance

We built a robust quality assurance framework to ensure the technologies we build are reliable and effective. By living that process, we strive to ensure everything that we create works as intended.

Our products empower

Model Validators

Easily assess the real-world performance and risks associated with proposed models.

Data Science Teams

Test performance, security, and compliance targets throughout the development lifecycle.

Decision Makers

Make informed decisions without the need to be fluent in ML. Build confidence by visualising the impact of real-world conditions on proposed models.

All Stakeholders

Collaborate to make informed decisions using common logic and metrics.

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