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Why CalypsoAI

When we started the company, the market for AI validation and monitoring did not exist. Since day one, we have actively been creating the future for how organizations can build trust in autonomous systems. CalypsoAI is still building. If you’re up for a challenge and want to make an impact on the most challenging technology issues of our time, please drop us a line. We can’t wait to get in touch.

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Make a significant impact

There is no playbook for this work. The future is rapidly approaching and we are actively shaping it. The fate of our future is in our hands. Working at CalypsoAI requires imagination, curiosity, and an unparalleled desire to create.

This is uncharted ground

Working for CalypsoAI means creating the future for Trusted AI. Our mission is creating a world that harnesses the benefits of AI without succumbing to the risks.

Freedom to ask questions

At CalypsoAI, we are deferential to the mission of our clients and work to accelerate their capabilities with limited risk. We actively seek team members who combine this deference and irreverence, being wiling to break things if it means solving a problem.

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Create impact from day one

Working at CalypsoAI

CalypsoAI provides employees with a flexible working environment that stresses mission over face time. Our employees are empowered to find a work-life balance that suits the needs of their families. We are active in our communities, including hosting hackathons, coding camps, and other community engagement efforts.

Want to work on the newest technology solving societal-level problems?

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