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The Cyberstream | Episode Three: Jacqueline Tame

Jul 22, 2021

Hosted by CalypsoAI, The Cyberstream is a podcast series that delves into the technical and societal challenges surrounding AI Security.

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In the third episode of The Cyberstream, we chat with Jacqueline Tame, former Deputy Director and Chief Performance Officer of the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). Jacqueline currently serves as an advisor to CalypsoAI.

In this episode, we discuss how the Department of Defense is leading the implementation of Responsible AI. Only a few weeks ago, the Deputy Secretary of Defense released a memorandum outlining a roadmap for the Department to pursue Responsible AI. The memo reaffirms the DoD’s 2020 Ethical AI principles, and as one of Dr. Hick’s first actions as DepSecDef, it signals a continued commitment to the responsible and ethical implementation of artificial intelligence across the defense and national security community, transcending administrations and political partisanship. 

Jacqueline walks us through the memo and what it means for the department. We also discuss her experience within the JAIC, and what signals she will be looking for from the Biden administration and from Congress as the DoD begins to implement these tenants of ethical and responsible AI. 

The Cyberstream refers to “Islands in the Cyberstream,” the last book by Joseph Weizenbaum, MIT professor and creator of the first modern AI software called Eliza. After making the software and seeing its social impact in the 70s, he spent the rest of his life fighting for responsible AI or even no AI.

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