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Artificial Intelligence doesn't create value unless you can deliver models quickly, securely, and at scale CalypsoAI delivers a single solution to stop security breaches, ensure model effectiveness, eliminate bias, and accelerate decision making.


Use the Best Model for Every Job – Every Time

85% of AI projects are never deployed. CalypsoAI's suite of solutions accelerate AI development and deployment by ensuring the security and reporting of machine learning models. We deliver AI solutions that are ready to be fielded safely and securely across business and society.

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Why CalypsoAI

Our suite of solutions get your models into production and operating at peak performance

CalypsoAI ensures the safe deployment of AI through rigorous testing and evaluation and validation and verification and a streamlined workflow.

Why CalypsoAI

Tools, testing, and features you can trust

From performance optimization to risk mangement, Calypso AI’s advanced test and evaluation tools help AI creators and consumers alike detect, diagnose, and correct critical challegenes that prevent AI deployment. With Calypso AI, the end result is Ai that is


Build trust in your machine learning systems with intelligent model design, auditable workflows, and easy-to-understand report features.

Secure & Resilient

Evaluate model performance with utmost security. Reinforce your models against adversarial attack with an accountable and audible model management lifecycle.

Contextually Relevant

Run hundreds of models against CalypsoAI’s battery of traditional and proprietary tests in minutes, and deliver comprehensive reports with clear, understandable graphics to leadership.

Governable & Collaborative

Seamlessly manage your data, models, and development infrastructure while adhering to compliance requirements within your industry and remaining accessible to multiple stakeholders.

Equitable & Objective

Identify and correct unwanted bias in your models to ensure your customers are always treated fairly.

Artificial Intelligence for the common good

We build Silicon Valley products with purpose. Our products are laying the foundation for transparent technology in business and society.

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CalypsoAI accelerates the adoption of Artificial Intelligence by ensuring the security and reporting of Machine Learning models.

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