Trusted AI

At Calypso, we engineer explainable AI and model validation solutions to build secure, regulatory compliant, and ethical AI.

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Do you trust your AI?

At Calypso, we are solving one of the most important technical challenges of our time: how do we build trust in Artificial Intelligence systems? As Artificial Intelligence begins to play a more critical role in the technologies that run our lives, businesses and governments need to validate that these systems are able to perform in complex environments. From transit systems, to medical care, to financial fraud detection, AI will enable us to solve tough problems and optimize the efforts.

Calypso engineers trust in AI.

AI Robustness

Calypso helps teams build highly secure, trusted, and ethical AI systems.

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Explainable AI

Calypso provides explainable AI solutions to gauge model performance

Why Explainable AI Matters
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